Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Snow Snow - My first Big Blizzard

Today we woke up to 2 feet of snow all outside. It was really windy last night, so the snow drifted. I thought it was rather beautiful to see everything covered in white.

Sean had to be to work by 6:30, and when he walked out to his car, he realized that he would not be able to drive his little sudan. He shoveled the front part of my car out of the snow, and made it about 10 feet before it got stuck! But Sean, being the amazing man he is, got it back into my parking spot. So he walked the half a mile to work. Sean is so dedicated to his job.

And it's a good thing that Sean thought he had to dress warmly for work today because his training officer told all of the new bees that they were going to spend the whole day shoveling fire hydrants out of the snow. Luckily, the ended up just wrestling each other for 3 hours and then received their gear instead!

When I woke up around 8:30 being grateful that I could sleep in because the Museum was closed, I peered through the windows at all the snow that had fallen. There was about a foot of snow on our porch, and knowing that Sean would most likely come home for lunch, and seeing that there was a break in the snow, I decided to shovel it. I mean, I live in Michigan now and will for a couple of years, I should get used to shoveling, right?

Anyways, I couldn't find the shovel and thinking, "Oh, Sean must have taken it to shovel those hydrants," as I'm still half asleep, I decide to use my mop with the nice brush end, and "shovel" our porch and stairs. I was very proud of myself for braving those cold temperatures and freezing winds. AND I did it again to shovel my car out of the snow after the snow plows came by our street. So that means that I shoveled twice in the same day. Although, as I was in the middle of shoveling the people in the plow saw me, and came to help. It was super nice of them.

Skyler ran outside with me when I went to shovel my car out - and let me tell you - I think the most difficult part was getting her to come back inside! She loves the snow, and this is the first time that there were snow walls. But I had lost her for a moment because she jumped into a snow pile and all I could see was the snow moving and no Skyler. She's the strangest cat ever.

After all that excitement, I curled up inside with my lovely electric blanket my husband gave me for Christmas, and drank my bengal spice tea while catching up on some homework. After I finished that, I cleaned almost the entire house, and made Butternut Squash Soup. All in all, it was a productive day during this wintry weather.

Hope everyone stayed warm and safe today!

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  1. Christy,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I couldn't find your email dress, so I'm responding to your comment here. The dress is not from Forever 21, I
    actually got it from Marshalls. I think it's the only outfit not from F21!
    Thanks again for your comment! This post made me feel snuggly. Soup and electric blanket! My kinda cozy!
    Scissors & Spatulas